DJADEN is an afro beat, reggae and rumba musician whose original name is Kibelisa Kife Eden.
But he is wearing DJADEN as a stage name, DJADEN is a French name which has a good meaning and it is pronounced as JADEN.
He was born on 22th/03/1991 in Congo DRC (Kinshasa) and started his music career very young when he was 7 years old.
But after his primary and senior school Djaden travelled to Uganda to further his music career and education.
The meaning of DJADEN;
D=dieu(god),   J=jardin(garden)  aden as eden.
And he was graduated in March 2015 in Computer Science and I.T
Based in Uganda Kampala.

Dj Sadam

Call or Whatsap 0773278673 if you want your song to be Uploaded on Blizz Uganda

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