DJ Derrick Files

Born 26th of June 1996, Derrick Mujuzi (DJ Derrick Files) became interested in the art of Deejaying at the age of 16 while listening to influential DJ brands of that time such as Dj Aludah, DJ Shiru, DJ Alberto, and DJ Pinye whom he hoped to be like someday!

He also admired the sounds of international DJs such as Jazzy Jeff, Scratch Bastid & , thus spending hours trying to replicate their feel. By emulating the DJs he admired over and over, he was able to craft a distinct and unique deejaying style of his own.

Derrick Files’ self-taught journey saw him go from beginner to up-and-coming professional in under 4 Years, along with discovering his gift of entertaining through music.

Two years later, Derrick ventured into the nightclub scene with a gigs at various nightclubs, Valhalla Kla, Club Liquid, Acci Club – Bugoloobi, Lit Lounge, Lyriq Bar & Lounge Bukoto.

These introduced him to larger audiences and thus more exposure. In the same year, he was spotted for the Various Silent Disco Events & Well Established Brands i.e. Muchachos, Tanga Fx, Spinny Events, X-Events, ToneCafe Buzz Events, Bell Jamz… mention it.

Having rocked the bar many times, Derrick Files is now ready to raise it. From his humble beginnings years ago as a hustler pumping out mixtapes from his local bars & clubs earning a loyal following and fan base on oth offline & online platforms.

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