Cliyon G

Famed hip-hop artist Cliyon G is one of Uganda’s biggest rappers and songwriter best known for hit songs like Chikaye & Face book chat as well as for his affiliation with super producer and RnB star Geosteady.
He is the rapper and hip hop mogul who founded present day “Blatant Street Entertainment”

John Paul Rubangakene, who performs as Cliyon G, was born in mubende, Uganda on March 03, 1993. He studied Literature at Advanced level and was good at writing stories, he then put to music some lyrics about the rough childhood times he had. He rapped under the name Cliyon Jay, releasing his very first song “Life is Hard, which brought him to the attention of super-producer Stuart pro. Cliyon G’s single “Chikaye” a song produced from city records, was released to great acclaim and impressive yawn for an up-and-coming recording artist.

Background and Early Life
Rubangakene John Paul (who dropped his last name to perform as Cliyon G) was born in districts of mubende, Uganda, on March 03, 1993. His father, Layo Akita, is a Lecturer, and Cliyon G says that his mother, Akello Cecilia, also hails from a “God fearing” family. Cliyon G comes from an eclectic and unique racial and religious background. His father is an Acholi Catholic and his mother too is an Acholi .Speaking about his personal identity, Cliyon G says, “At the end of the day, I consider myself a black man because I’m more immersed in black culture than any other. Being Luo is kind of a cool twist. It makes me unique.”
Way back in high school, he started free styling at an early age, the fellow was born with music in his blood.Cliyon G who is the sole owner of Paul events was the best high school events organizer and promoter during his high school days, and this made him achieved even broader success. He later went on to release other acclaimed tracks, during those years, the rapper released a slew of tracks and hit singles. His most popular songs from this period include “Kikola sense,” Face book chat,”  “Baby Gal”,”The One i Love, “a duet with Mc Scurvy. Cliyon G’s most acclaimed song of this period was Chikaye (2012), which later landed on many music critics’ lists of the best hip hop tracks of the year. In addition to his musical talents, he’s a creative and experienced Graphic Designer.

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